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Indraprastha Gas Limited Aquarium

We have made a Freshwater Aquarium (2500 Litre) at Indraprastha Gas Limited, Indraprastha Gas Limited Bhawan, Delhi inside two months with legitimate cycling of water and 300 fish of various breeds in groups.

Made for Marine
Made for Marine
Made for Marine
Made for Marine
Made for Marine
Made for Marine
Made for Marine
Theme: The Twilight – Dawn to Dusk

The Theme is delineating the idea of fish from dawn to dusk flaunting their hues. The theme depends on demonstrating excellence around us and gives us an inspiration towards the nature love.

Exactly how the theme express-the vitality of day break and the magnificence of nightfall which will soothen up one's psyche and the addition of fishes will be an entrancing perspective and carry karma to you.

Fish Breeds in Indraprastha Gas Limited Tank

  • Dwarf Neon Rainbow Fish
  • Red Rainbow Fish
  • Boeseman's Rainbow Fish
  • Australian Rainbow Fish
  • Threadfin Rainbow Fish
  • Rummy-nose Tetra
  • Clown Loach
  • Otocinclus