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There are three primary ways plexiglass is fabricated.

Each style of plexiglass acrylic has its very own favourable circumstances and weaknesses. This article will layout the distinctions.

Made for Marine

Cell Cast Acrylic Sheet

  • This style is created by liquefied fluid PMMA pitch poured between two plates of glass
  • Least measure of extension and compression
  • Highest room for give and take on thickness resistance
  • Standard thickness resistance from .118" - .500" is +/ - 8%
  • This is the best material to utilize when cutting or directing
  • Highest atomic weight
  • Widest scope of hues accessible
  • Standard material for signs, aquariums, and top of the line manufacture
Made for Marine

Constant Cast Acrylic Sheets

  • This style is created by pouring softened fluid PMMA sap between two belts of cleaned hardened steel
  • Best material consistency
  • Least measure of extension and withdrawal
  • 2nd best thickness resistance
  • Widest scopes of sizes accessible up to 9' wide and 16' long
  • Standard material for shaping, creation, and bay windows
Made for Marine

Expelled Acrylic Sheets

  • Semi-delicate liquefied gum is pushed among rollers and slice to measure
  • Highest inner worry inside the sheet
  • Most extension and constriction
  • Generally, the best thickness consistency
  • Thickness resistance +/ - 10%, Softest sheet
  • Softest sheet
  • Gums up switches more when cutting
  • Easy to stick
  • Standard material for showcases, and substitution windows. Some signage applications.